From Within


I just thought I'd write a little foreword to this book, maybe to bring it into better context.  The story is pretty much a reflection of myself, though I haven't completed my whole journey, I have tried to show that having a gender identity dysphoria can be disabling and distressing, but not forever.  I have trodden most of the path this story will tell and as I say, it really is about me, with a few extra bits, notably the later chapters.

I wish to remain an anonymous author for this book; as I am trying my best to live stealth now; where no one needs to know of my gender issues that have haunted me in the past, and I can carry on with what I feel is normal to me now.  Yes, by strict definition, the medical world calls me a male-to-female transsexual; but I hate being called that.  I am just female, a girl, a woman - that is all I am.  I just hate being labelled.

So hopefully this story will bring further awareness in a truthful manner; and perhaps show that gender issues aren't depraved, perverted or the repertoire of the pornography industry; but real life issues that affect far more people than perhaps we can ever imagine; and it's not a recent 'phenomenon'; world history is littered with gender issues and writings on individuals in the ancient world who felt they were the opposite sex from the moment of self-awareness.

I hope this story will not just show the pain; but above all the joy, acceptance and love that can come from all of this, it's not an entirely bad thing to be 'transsexual', because the result will hopefully be an entirely positive thing, where a mere existence is turned around, and becomes a fulfilled life.  Enjoy.

Vicky x

This foreword was originally written in December 2002

Chapter One

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