From Within

Chapter Thirteen

Alex by now had managed to sit down next to Vicky who was still sobbing and couldn't look at him in the face, she was so scared of what she would see in his face.  And he just sat there cold, thinking of something to say or do.  He was so confused, why was Vicky telling him this news, the thought that immediately entered his head, full of shock was spinning and not thinking straight.  He began to wonder about if down below, she still had the penis, and then even more overwhelming was the thought that she must have at least looked like a boy when she knew him at school, all those years ago. But he could not think of it, he just remembered her, but she did look like a girl back then as well.


"Vicky" he mustered in between the sniffing and crying coming from his girlfriend as he continued "you are the most caring, compassionate and loving girl I have ever met".  Vicky sat silent and looked up at Alex with her big eyes the tears stopped for a moment and she reached her arms around Alex.

"I am so sorry" she mumbled.

"Don't be sorry, we'll - work it out" and the couple hugged closely on the sofa.

"Vicky, I don't want to loose you over something like this, I still really love you deeply" he smiled. Vicky could not believe what she was hearing, she looked at his comforting face, the man she loved still loved her.  Alex was uneasy about learning the full extent of the situation, but he decided to take this one step at a time, because his feelings still remained the same.  Of course Alex had many questions but only some of which weren't asked that evening, but the did at least confirm her operative status.  But somehow the evening managed to retain the closeness of the evening which had existed before.  In fact the close cuddles and kisses became even more  intimate and important; a new deepness and closeness was building between themselves.  Time was getting on and Vicky announced that it was about time that she began to make a move.  Alex walked her home hand in hand, until they reached Vicky's porch lit by the ornate porch light.


"Well thanks for the special dinner, my special man" she smiled lovingly into Alex's eyes.

"Only because my special lady was with me" Alex smiled, Vicky's stomach flipped over and over every time he made her feel so special, Alex drew near as again they kissed and touched intimately, finally Vicky drew away nibbling on Alex's upper lip, the playful girl that she was!

"I'll give you a call tomorrow before you come over" said Vicky.

"Ok sweetheart, sweet dreams and don't worry about erm, stuff!" again Alex smiled.

"You too" she said opening her door "love you babes!" as she gave Alex a peck on the cheek.

"Love you too honey!" said Alex as Vicky smiled and waved as she closed the door.  She ran over to the front lounge window and drew back the curtains to wave again to Alex and blow him a kiss, which he returned as he walked past.  The two lovers were very much still in love, and the reality that Alex had been so far so accepting only just laid proof to her feelings for him.  Meanwhile Alex walked on down the road kicking the loose chippings in the road whistling a happy ditty after the wonderful night he had with his girlfriend.




Vicky went to bed feeling a bit tearful but in a good way, she felt so contented with her life; sure she still had physical imperfections; but she had her job, her family, her college life and still so it seemed the man of her dreams. She sat on her bed and switched off her bedside lamp, cuddling up to her cuddlies and weeping a few years of joy as she made herself a snugly nest in her duvets as she drifted off to sleep.  Luckily for Vicky it was the weekend and she wasn't needed at work until 6.30 in the evening, so she could sleep in as much as she like and that she did; in fact she didn't get up until gone midday!


She wandered downstairs to meet mum in the kitchen looking to see how things went, Vicky reached into the fridge for milk for her bowl of cereal, honey nut corn flakes.


"Well, how was it then honey?" Ellen asked eager to hear the gossip, totally forgetting to say good morning!

"It was really nice, really very nice" she a little gruffly having just got out of bed, but smiling sweetly with a twinkle in her eyes recalling sitting in Alex's lap placing spoonfuls of ice-cream in his mouth, just the thought was warming to her heart.

"So what did he cook his special lady" grinned Ellen.

Vicky giggled "He cooked steak, and then afterwards we had ice cream, we also shared a bottle of red wine, it was so nice" Vicky paused, "and I also told him about my issues" she tailed off.

"Oh my god honey!  Is he Ok with it?" Ellen gasped.

"Yes, he's fine... and I still got a response from him when I blew him a kiss from the front lounge window" she smiled, rising her eyes up and sighing, the poor girl was being totally struck by love.

"Well am very pleased you lovebirds had a nice time, do you want a cup of tea honey?" asked Ellen.

"Yes please!", Vicky was somewhat parched, but even more so she wanted a hug from her mum, and walked up to her and gave her a big loving hug.

"You're the best, mum!" Vicky smiled hugging mum.

"Don't say things like that, you know they'll eventually go to my head sweetheart!" joked Ellen.


The day past quickly as they always did at the weekends, and duly Vicky had to leave for work, rushing off to do her job at the hotel, they had a big function on that night and she couldn’t be late.  She gave Alex a quick phone call knowing he probably wanted to chat with her about things, but she just arranged to meet him the next day, Sunday, because of work, thankfully things still seemed fine between them, even though there was a lot still to talk about.  Chris gave Vicky a lift into work, and not before long the hectic evening of serving the hotel’s guests was done, time always flew by at work as it was almost always busy, though it was incredibly tiring work.  Vicky finished work by 11pm and called Chris up to pick her up again; with it being dark she didn’t like getting the bus home alone.


And duly Sunday arrived, Vicky got up early as she decided it would be a good idea to at least chat with Emily about how things went, she knocked on her door and sure enough there was Emily awake watching Sunday morning TV with toast and jam and cuddled up with one of her favourite cuddlies!  She was still a bit tired as she hadn’t quite woken up fully, as she had been shopping the previous day with friends, as Christmas was looming.


“Hi honey, how’s you?” asked Vicky as she sat down on Emily’s bed.

“I’m fine, was work alright” Emily asked smiling sweetly, with her half open eyes!

“Work was fine, boring but it’s a bit more money” chuckled Vicky knowing it was not really that much more at all, but something.  “What you watching anyway?” she continued.

“Ahhh just CD-UK” being as the two girls tended to look out what was on the music charts a fair bit.

“Cool, do you know who’s number one?” Vicky said still avoiding discussing her and Alex.

“Dunno, think it’s Wamdue Project or something” she said munching toast wondering when Vicky was going to drop her bombshell.  “So what’s up sis, you look like you got something on your mind”.

“Errr, well just things with Alex, that was all, I’ll talk to you later about it” she said getting up sensing it was probably not the best of times.

“Hey sis, sit back down, talk to me about what you like, when you want” Emily smiled switching off her TV and popping her plate down on the floor having munched all her toast.  She then picked up her duvet covers and placed them over and around her and Vicky.  “So come on babe, tell me all about it”.

“Ok, well I told him” Vicky said rather bluntly, she just wanted her sister to know straight up, and just as Emily opened her mouth to ask… “and yes we are still together”.  Emily dropped her mouth closed, but not before long to open it again,

“Well that’s really good honey, give us a hug” she grinned holding her arms wide open.  Duly the two sisters hugged.

“I’m going around his to talk to him tonight, let him ask me stuff y’know, and if he wants to come around here and ask stuff, I think that would be good too” Vicky carried on.  Emily quite liked Alex as well, but she just kept quiet on that but her blushing had not gone unnoticed by Vicky or Ellen!  James and Chris were nonchalant as usual!

"So you have told him you are, well you know, and well, that's great new sis!" Emily beamed, so happy for her sister, because she knew Vicky really did care and have a big thing Alex.

"Thanks for your reassurance!  He was very shocked, and I broke down in tears, and thought he was going to throw me out, I mean he had every right to do so as well, but he was very shocked and eventually it all calmed down again and by the end of the evening he was there hugging and comforting me, and I guess I was too, I mean it's him it matters so much too!" Vicky said carrying on.

"And you told him before or after the dinner, how was the dinner, was it romantic?", Emily was into full inquisition mode by now wanting to know all the gossip, Vicky laughed, and answered

"Yes it was very romantic indeed, he is so sweet, lots of cuddles and he ending up putting dabs of ice cream all over my face, silly boy that he is!  So it was lovely, and he seems to be able to cook, unless his mum was hiding in the kitchen and she definitely wasn't...." Vicky slid off into a temporal daydream thinking back to the night standing behind Alex, holding him around his waist as he stood cooking... how stupid but she loved it so much, it made her feel so warm and loved inside.  She re-awoke when Emily tapped her knee.


"Oh yeah" said Vicky smiling "well I told him after the dinner and like I say he was very shocked, but we'll work things through", for Vicky, things between her and Alex should be just fine, but she couldn't be complacent, a gorgeous guy like him, in her eyes at least could easily just be ended at any moment, which was why Vicky urgently needed to talk to Alex to get everything out in the open and let him know the full truth, for Vicky, total honesty with someone she felt she was feeling love for was of paramount importance.

"Well sis, I'm sure you'll be just fine, I mean he hasn't outright just dumped you has he!" she said reassuringly.

"I suppose so Em's, thank-you so much for always being here for me" Vicky said as she reached out to hug her sister, and they sat there for a while longer chatting away together until Ellen came in to find them both still in their pyjamas,

"Look you two it's almost midday now and you haven't even showered!" she laughed as she gave them the cup of tea she brought up for them.

"Mum" said Vicky ready to tell Ellen something

"Yes dear?" Ellen said sipping on her tea as she joined the other two girls sitting on the bed,

"I think Alex has invited me over for dinner around his place again, but like with his mum" she said insinuating she really should go around.

"That's fine honey, just make sure you get washed!" Ellen chuckled as she got up off the bed to go and prepare dinner for the others.

"I'm going to shower now Em, so..." Vicky said almost finishing

"No your not sis!" Emily jumping off the bed and running into the bathroom locking the door on herself.  Vicky ran after her

"Hey cheeky minx!!  You always do that!" she said laughing listening to her sister giggling away in the bathroom.

"Well next time don't tell me you need to shower stinky" joked Emily laughing away.

"Who you calling stinky?!" Vicky pouncing back but being jokey, she knew her sister was only playing around, so duly she went back to her room, decided what to wear that day and read one of her magazines.


Vicky left the house around 1pm in the end to see Alex, and also have dinner with his mum, she didn't plan on talking to his parents about anything of the nature she wanted to discuss with Alex, as she felt for the time being they did not need to know, again as Alex lived close by.  Alex's mum opened the door, Vicky was not feeling too nervous, just a bit worried at the back of her mind about seeing Alex again and how things would go later.


"Hello Vicky, do come in" Alex's mum, Natalie.

"Thanks, Alex is in yeah?" she asked knowing he was out most Sunday mornings.

"Yes, he got back from football practice a while ago and hopefully he's been in the shower, but you know boys!" she laughed.

"Yeah...." she Vicky uncomfortably remembering the antics of the morning not having showered that early herself! "I'll see if he's ready" Vicky smiled.

"Sure, I'm sure he's looking decent" Natalie laughed.  Duly Vicky trotted off up the stairs and knocked on Alex's door, there was music blaring out from the room, which was immediately turned right down in volume and Alex opened the door.

"Ooh still in your football kit, and still all muddy" was Vicky's first greeting, rather liking Alex in his kit!

"Mmmm, yeah, I'm sure you don't mind!" he laughed knowing she liked it a lot, especially the way she was all over him when she went out with his footballing mates when they got all dolled up in their dinner jackets.  Duly Alex let her in properly and Vicky gave him a kiss.

"Sorry I haven't been around sooner, just been so busy honey" she said smiling away looking at his legs from time to time.

"It's ok, last Friday evening wasn't all that long ago, but your here now, and that's all that matters" he said smiling.

"Hmmm yeah, whats for dinner, do you know?" Vicky asked trying to look as if she wasn't just going all ga-ga over him in his kit.

"Dunno...." he said checking his mobile for messages, suddenly feeling Vicky's hand running up his legs "...hey so thats all your interested in innit" he laughed as he grabbed Vicky and the hugged rolling about on the bed kissing intimately.  One think that was getting so much better for Vicky was her sensitivity, in her body, she didn't feel so disconnected from the way her body felt when Alex touched her softly, it felt so right for her, and so good as well, obviously the hormones were doing all the right things. 




As Vicky drew away she soon realised she had mud all over her top, she quickly took of Alex's top, took hers off and put on his football shirt.

"Now lover boy, you promise you're going to get clean and smell nice after this" she grinned.

"Oh sure, but we're busy right" as he smiled wryly and then sneakily launching his hand towards Vicky stomach as he went to tickle her, which caused spates of laughter and silliness...


Eventually Alex got up to go for the shower, Vicky kept the football shirt on for the time being as she brushed down her top and watched Alex wander into the bathroom with nothing but his boxer shorts on!  What a tease he was!  She went downstairs after she brushed down her own top and helped his mum with laying the table and finishing off the dinner, and just chatting about how college was, and obviously, Alex.  Who soon enough came trotting down the stairs, looking a bit more respectful, dinner wasn't quite ready so Vicky sat with him on the sofa in the lounge as he watched the football results on TV and they chatted away about what they had been up to that day.  Natalie called for dinner and they all sat around to the gorgeous smelling roast dinner, Vicky thanked Alex's mum as they all tucked into their food, with a bit of chatter between Vicky and Natalie, about what she had been up to that week, and Vicky asking about Natalie's boyfriend, which was all fine, but he was out around his mum's house fixing a leak in her bathroom.  All the fun things in life!  Eventually the plates were pretty much cleaned right up and the two thanked Natalie who took the plates out and brought in apple pie and custard.  Vicky felt so at home there, as if it was her second home, she got on very well with Natalie, and though she hadn't seen her boyfriend much who was seemingly no doubt in line to become Alex's step dad; she felt so comfortable, even though Alex did have his hand on her knee.  And for a relationship that had only been going for two months or just over; the two had just clicked perfectly, how such a perfect thing should have come about is of pure coincidence really.  However, it is clear that Vicky deserved it, she deserved something good in her life, the days of being punched in the stomach for being naturally feminine, spitting at the mirror as she despised the 'freak' that stared back were all gone, and he she sat at the table with Alex and his mum feeling warm, loved and happy.  When Natalie cleared everything up, they went back to the lounge and sat on the sofa cuddling up to each other, chatting away and generally just being cuddled up like any couple.


"Alex, you know if you ever want to ask me anything about, well you know, stuff, we, well, you can ask me, but if we talk in your room, quietly, it's up to you, oh I should be quiet, don't want to ruin the moment" she said leaning on this shoulder looking up to him with her hand on his chest, feeling his heart beating.

"Thanks, maybe I will in time, but I'm fine at the moment, just don't tell anyone else, because we should work this out between ourselves for the time being" he said seeking reassurance.

"Don't worry, just me you and my family, I won't tell your mates about me, that's the last thing I would ever do, they don't need to know" she said.

"Good, well all that matters at the moment is we're still together, and I still love you as much if not more than the last day, and everyday that goes by I will love you even more because you're my little Vicky and that's all that matters" he said tickling her chin and smiling into her eyes.


Vicky felt choked and tearful, in fact the tears did come, all she could do was begin to kiss him as she couldn't speak for a moment,

"I love you so much too" Vicky said back finally gathering herself, beaming at Alex.


Alex reached out and gave her a hug and peck on the cheek as he looked over to the kitchen to see his mum leaning on the door frame looking over at the love sick puppies.


"Mum!" he yelped!

"What just looking, at the TV" she said turning around laughing and muttering to herself "Ahhh young love", feeling so proud for her boy who had found a nice girl.


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