From Within

Chapter Seventeen (Edit)

"Are you sure about this" Alex asked as he wandered in to the kitchen where she was cooking dinner.  Chicken Balti, her favourite curry, and Alex didn't mind it too, mind you he hardly was going to moan!.

"Well, put it this way, the more wine the merrier" Vicky laughed as she sipped on the Rosť that Alex had just poured.

"I just want to make sure, you know, I just don't want to ruin tonight" he said rather nervous.

"As long as you are always with me tonight, it will be nothing less than perfect" she smiled all loved up, the rather enticing thing that wine did to her, it just allowed her to let her romantic thoughts and ideas come forward, and that starry eyed look that turned Alex into putty.

"Ok, well, that's fine by me then!" he said as he sipped on his wine and cuddled up to Vicky behind her as she stirred the mixture in the pan.

"Hmm, your hands are so warm" smiled Vicky as he wrapped his hands around her waist, she turned around to give him a kiss.  "Hey go put some gel on your hair, looks, strange without it!" she said as she ran her hands over his hair.

"Hey, one thing at a time, I only just got out of the shower!" he said as he let go and wandered towards the door.

"Well, you should have asked me for a hand when you were there" she said grinning.  Alex paused smiling as he leaned on the door frame adjoining the kitchen and the dining room and lounge.

"Next time hon!" he smiled as he walked out, Vicky just smiled to herself as she checked the rice, and yelled upstairs that dinner was ready.

"Ok, Ok!!!" bellowed down Alex as he tumbled down the stairs, or so it sounded!

"Before you moan, I'll put the gel on for you" as she grasped the tube and smiled sweetly, standing close to him as she reached up to style his hair.  After a while, she made a few tweaks and stood back "That's better" and turned around to dish the dinner up.

"Want a hand?" Alex said grasping his wine glass.

"Sure, you do the rice, I'll get the naan bread and poppadums out of the oven and do the curry" as she reached down to the oven to get the other bits out.  Alex managed to forget the water was hot where the rice had been boiled up and jumped around like a silly fool.  "Blimey, you silly thing you" she laughed as he grappled his hand.  "Come here, I'll kiss it better for you".  Alex walked over and held his hand up, and she gently kissed his thumb and then playfully sucked.

"Hey, save that till later, blimey some days I think you women are worse than men!" he joked.

"What, like you forget boiling hot water is, like, hot?" she joked.  Alex sighed and realised there was no point in arguing and carried on helping and carried the plates in to the small table, with candles lit and the couple of bottles of wine.


Vicky wandered in and over to Alex as he topped up the wine glasses, and cuddled up to him.  She didn't say anything except to look up and smile at him.

"You alright?" Alex asked wondering what was going through her mind.

"Yeah, I'm fine.  I just wanted to be close to you" she said as she leant on his chest.

"Come on lets sit down, I'm sure that's close enough for now.  I don't want your hard work getting cold." he said as she pulled back with a sly grin. "What?"

"Oh, just thinking that I wouldn't want your hard work going cold either..." as she giggled away.

"What?" Alex looked perplexed and then just blushed "Nothing escapes you does it!" he said playfully tutting.

"Well..." she paused, "Hardly easy to miss is it now, all cosied up down there" she smirked.

"Look stop it, this is meant to be romantic, and you're being all seedy" he said, again playfully tutting away.  She smiled and sat down, Alex did too, holding his wine glass up "I suppose we should have a toast, huh?", Vicky carried on smiling.  "To us?"

"To us" she said as the glasses chinked, reaching over to kiss him again.  The two carried on chatting away throughout the meal, which was followed by a very English pudding but one that they both loved, Apple Crumble with Custard.  Yum!  An odd concoction with curry and wine, but it worked, and Alex did rather like her cooking too, even once to say he preferred it to his own mums!  Eventually the two love sick puppies snuggled up on to the sofa sipping on wine still, cuddled up cosily.


"That was great!" Alex remarked on the dinner, kissing Vicky on the cheek, in the flickering candlelight that gave the room that perfect warm glow.

"Glad it was to your liking" she smiled as Alex stroked her tummy gently, she shuffled over a bit so she could see Alex, and just smiled at him, smiling was she had to do, one look at him brought her such a lot of happiness.  She reached to his lips and kissed sweetly, Alex put his hand behind her head and passionate kissing ensued.  He ran his other hand over her body, so soft and delicate to the touch.  Soon enough it wasn't just the room glowing, as they rolled around in this slow, delicate, passionate moment.  They had this often enough before, when they had dinner out, or something else that put both of them in the perfect mood, except this time, they would if they wanted to be able to go further.  And Vicky definitely did, as did Alex, though he still had a bit of trepidation as it was still in his eyes not all that long ago she was in hospital, but these sobering, dull thoughts were overrun by those of loving passion.  Alex ran his hand up Vicky's leg and up her dress, just wanting to touch, and go, where she never ever let anybody go before.  She drew away from Alex's face, to smile at him and unbutton his shirt to reveal his sexy toned chest, she pulled the shirt away and kissed as she stroked, feeling Alex slowly take her panties down.  She sighed in pleasurable tone and looked at him smiling, strongly at her,

"Should we perhaps take this upstairs?" she purred as she continued to kiss him.

"Can do I guess" he said in his deep enticing tone, as he dropped the thong he had removed on the floor, he stood up seeing her lying there glowing, just as she was about get get up, "Don't!" he said as he knelt down to lift Vicky up into his arms.  "Don't move anywhere my princess".  She swooned almost as he picked her up in both arms.  She felt so much love she was flushed pink in all her cheeks as it eminated, she gazed at him sweetly with a hint of innocence as he took her up the stairs and into his bedroom, and gently knelt down again and placed her on the bed, she rolled over to look at him and kissed his forehead.

"I love you so, so much" she softly said moving her little finger to entice him over.  She got up and Alex dropped the dress straps down and unbuttoned at the back, she knelt on both knees and the dress drooped down, revealing her body with soft curves and sumptuous skin, and her proudly developed 36B bust, she moved over to him and kissed his lips.  She then looked down at his trousers, she reached down and unbuttoned and the unzipped revealing the pleasant bulge in his boxer shorts.  She grinned.  "Stand up boy!" she commanded but with sweet manner, he stood on the bed and dropped his trousers down, and then slipped his boxer shorts down, she smiled at the sight and stood up her self, wobbling slightly on the bed mattress.  Alex grasped the dress with lay on her hips and gently dropped it down to her feet.  The two stood in front of each other, both naked nearly two years after they had met.  Alex reached both arms out and reached around her hips, and slowly began to kneel down, lowering her gently beneath him, until she laid back down.  Alex swiped the clothes off the bed as he sat astride of her.

"Just take me, I've waited long enough" as she gazed upwards into his eyes as he drew away from her lips.  "Hold me close!"...


Come the morning, time, the candles had burnt out and the two lovers laid cuddled up snoozing away from their rather active night, suddenly Alex's alarm went off, it was 12:00pm, midday, he reached one arm out to slap it off and turned back over to see Vicky peeking from her eyelids, he reached out and kissed her nose softly and smiled.


"Good morning my princess" he said still very soppy, they had only drifted off some five hours ago, after they passionately made love as the sun rose, and Vicky did make her little goal, orgasm, and she had that smile imprinted on her face.

"Good morning my lover boy" she said cuddling up to him "Last night was, it was perfect" she said kissing his lips with little kisses as she stroked his chin with her thumb.  "I love you so much".

"Love you even more" Alex said joking around.


Eventually they rose out of bed, Vicky slipped on her bra top (somewhat cropped) and her thong she bought a few months after going full time so she could wear it with pride after her surgery, as if she needed a reminder anyway!  She slowly walked down the stairs to find Alex filling up the kettle with just his boxer shorts on, her fine sexy man as she wandered up behind him to hug him tight around his waist.


"Coffee?" he said sounding a bit tired as he rubbed his eyes.

"Sure, get the big mug so we can share" she said pointing to the cupboard.

"I'm going to have to have this black though he said" as he reached up to the mug cupboard.

"Looks like we'll have to fit sleep in somewhere else now, doesn't it honey!" she exclaimed as she lowered her hands to meet over his member to a little whimper.

"Sure does!  But hey, we're not going to be doing that three times a night, seven days a week are we?" he just innocently asked.

"Well" she said suggestively "Would you want to?" she asked sounding seductive in her tone.

"Oh no" he paused to see her look around his shoulders up at him "I would want to do it much more than that" he laughed.

"We'll see about that, when's your mum back again?" she asked just wondering.

"About six o' clock, but best not be too trusting of that time!" he said as he stirred the sugar into the coffee and turned around to take it into the front room so they could sit on the sofa.  They sat down both taking a big slurp, kissing as their lips met.

"So we might get one more chance, huh?" Vicky said making it quite clear what she meant!

"Hey listen to you, blimey I'll be worn out!" he gasped in a joking tone.

"Well, there's a heck of a lot to wear out yet" she smirked kissing him on the cheek to see him looking rather chuffed.

"I shan't say no more" he said as he held her chin and drew her in...

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