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As part of From Within re-emerging on thanks to Andrea, the paperback release of From Within has been refreshed for the re-release. A few things are different from the original paperback version which had a number of silly mistakes, and the actual print being a little on the small side at 10pt. The new edition addresses these with the new foreword and generally is a much more polished product by my own admission,

The book is now 226 pages long (previously 152) and has a reduced price of $16.95 (apx. 8.99) excl. delivery down from $19.99 in it's previous incarnation. The take up on the previous edition was however incredibly poor with only four people making a purchase on it, or five including myself. As noted on the front page, my aim was not to make money from writing From Within. However, I did expect a little more than four purchases considering how many emails I received from the original site, and the hits counter that used to exist. Further to this, I was asked on numerous occasions if I could send out free copies. I'm sorry - I'm not a charity, I'm a poor student at the end of her final year who cannot go dishing out freebies. If I could, I assure you I would. This includes charities, I know your funds are indeed limited and so forth; however, is twenty bucks really such an outlay for a book if you want it for the service you offer?

But this is far from me having a rant or having a go, I just want to make the position clear :) And yes, it sure would be nice if eight bought the book this time around!

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If you would like to purchase the book, you can do so from, you will require a Visa, Mastercard, Diners or American Express (these can also be debit/checking cards if held by the respective cards above, so for the UK, Switch/Solo is not accepted). appears to no longer accept cheques. To read more about payment methods, you can do so from

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