Contacting me

It has been one of my great life projects to put this suite of websites together so that young people will have a better sense of the transition options available.

I am able to continue answering all email I get because readers like you check the site carefully before writing, by using the search option at the top of the page.

I can't answer questions about the following:

  • Local referrals to doctors, therapists, groups, electrologists, etc.
  • Local TS contacts for friendship or romance
  • Hormones and effects
  • What it "feels like" to be a woman
  • Personal questions
  • Legal issues, especially divorce/custody and local TG ordinances
  • Insurance questions
  • Web design

I will do my best to answer questions:

  • From those under 25 (especially college-age or younger)
  • About hair removal
  • About Facial Feminization Surgery
  • About financing transition and setting realistic goals
  • About work transition and employment

I will also respond to all suggestions, praise and criticism. Don't be shy in sending these along!


1. Give your email a brief but specific subject line (not "Hi" or "Question").

2. Be as specific as possible. The more vague your question, the longer it will take for me to answer. I do the quick and easy questions first, then get to the complicated ones about once a month.

3. Address it to:

4. Be patient! I get a lot of mail and answer it all, so it might be a while (like 2 weeks or more if it's not a quick answer).

Donations to support this site

Those wishing to make a donation via mail can send it to:

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